The Teapot has slipped through the hands of kings,

marie Antoinette with Brass Teapot

napoleon with brass teapot

Ghengis Khan with Brass Teapot

queens, warriors, peasants, pirates and plunderers. Its likeness has appeared in paintings, scrolls and oral histories, quietly becoming the icon of an increasingly greedy world. Genghis Khan carried it at his side for the duration of his bloody conquest of the known world. Vlad the Impaler owned it cen


turies later. During the Spanish Inquisition priests used it to profit from torture.

From Marie Antoinette to Henry VIII to Jesse James it has marched its way through 2000 years of ownership. The last sighting of the teapot was in the hands of Adolf Hitler; it had been lost since 1945 and the trail for this rare and magical artifact had run cold.

We only need look to the most recent owner to understand the teapot's great power.

The Nazi’s obsession with magic and the occult has been well documented and Hitler's interest in the esoteric was far reaching

According to publications, Karl Malchus, was hired by Hitler to set up a research lab. Using the teapot and jewish prisoners, it is reported that Hitler financed the war. Karl, self taught alchemist convinced Heinrich Himmler he was able to make gold from stones and sand, and the immoral SS Head sensing a quick fix established up Karl Malchus at the Dachau concentration camp in 1938, before the Second World War . He promised that he would produce enough gold to keep Nazi Germany prosperous and financially secure .

Unfortunately for Herr Malchus, his attempts to turn base materials into gold did not succeed and after a short while, Heinrich Himmler stopped the unit and Karl Malchus was incarcerated in Dachau. He was eventually released but was sworn to secrecy about his alchemy attempts and

Hitler with Brass tepot

if he told anyone, the Nazis promised to kill him. It is rumored that the Polish liberation army, in its greatest mission, stole the teapot from Hitler but reports that it was buried in the rubble after the bombing of Krakow have been confirmed to be false.

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